Managing a contingent workforce is so much more than providing contractor management, payroll and HR services. By leveraging the experience of a national team of industry specialists, we are able to provide a suite of services that go far beyond that of traditional ‘contract management’ and ‘payroll’ companies. Whether you’re a contractor, a recruitment agency, or an organisation requiring a range of back office support services within the contingent workforce sphere, Archer is able to provide a solution to suit your business requirements.

Range of Services


Migration law in Australia is complex and ever-changing in step with the nation’s demands.   We work in collaboration with an experienced team of Registered Migration Agents and Consultants that possess an extensive knowledge of migration law and business practices allowing Archer to provide companies and visa applicants with solutions and strategies to even the most complex matters. Archer can assist organisations meet their immigration needs in the following areas:

  • The 457 Visa Programme (acting as an official sponsor to on hire employment)
  • Acting as an official sponsor to on hire employment
  • Labour agreements
  • The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS)
  • Business and investor
  • Corporate compliance
  • Corporate visa strategy
  • Short and long-stay activity issues


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Credit & Factoring

For recruitment agencies, sourcing an invoice finance provider has always been one of the major hurdles to diversifying from permanent placements into contract placements. Archer Solutions have developed a short term recruitment financing solution to overcome these issues and provide an entryway for all agencies to work in the contract market. If you want to get back to recruiting, and focusing on placements rather than accounts, contact our team today and discuss your options.

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Inductions / Onboarding and Work Health and Safety Training

The principles of work health and safety are enshrined in legislation within each Australian State and Territory. Archer Solutions recognises the complexity of this fundamental compliance management element and have partnered our internal Work Health and Safety accredited consultants with legal specialists to supply a broad course library of practical job and industry-related work health and safety training modules. Workforces can be guided to complete specific work health and safety training and EEO induction training from the available course library that is the most relevant to their role or position, delivering relevance and minimising the risk of work related injury. Request your demonstration today.

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Payroll Processing & Reporting

Ensuring staff working hours are accurately collected, have the correct penalty rates applied and are paid on-time is just another administrative task to add to the list of mounting paper work. On top of this, businesses also need to ensure that PAYG Tax, Superannuation Contributions, Payroll Tax and Workers Compensation premiums are reported and paid to the relevant parties. Getting any of this wrong can be time consuming to resolve, and if picked up by an external body can also be quite damaging to the business and brand as a whole. Forecasting and having access to wage data to compare against sales data is imperative to managing the wage to sales ratio, and ultimately the success of the business. The ability to run reports daily or even hourly in a format that is easy to manipulate and based on live information is the key to keeping abreast of this.

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Rostering / Time & Attendance

Archer Solutions will host, set-up and maintain a leading industry tool to assit with your roster/ time and attendance requirements. This solution seamlessly links to payroll software and allows organisations to easily manage their rostered candidates. Candidates submit their availability which is neatly summarised by the program.  Once doing so management can then view the availability of all candidates and allocate them accordingly. Upon publishing rosters, SMS and news feed features ensure that candidates are easily contacted, reducing costly miscommunication. Rosters can be compared in real time and costed against awards / agreed rates of pay, accurately demonstrating the full cost of a roster, elevating budget blowouts. Request your demonstration today.

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Online HR Platform

Archer Solutions utilises an industry leading tool to act a default HR administrator, allowing organisations to support their business in the delivery and recording of day-to-day HR transactions. Our online ‘cloud’ based platform provides all the necessary candidate, employee, contractor and WHS advice, tools, templates and guides that are required, making HR management straightforward and trouble-free. Request your demonstration today.

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Online Timesheeting & Billing

Our convenient online (Cloud) based solution has simplified the time consuming task of manual timesheet processing. There’s no expensive infrastructure, installation, setup or maintenance costs. Candidates can use the solution to submit their timesheets online (from any internet connected device), with their timesheets sent to respective line mangers within organisations for approval, before re-entering the system for processing. Our solution supports multiple account software interfaces, integrating with systems including MYOB, QuickBooks and Xero, with a further billing capacity allowing for the quick development of sales invoices if required. Project, staff, task and expense reports can be provided relevant to organisational requirements with a click of a button. Reduce your overheads, and minimise the headaches now! Request your demonstration today.

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Award Servicing and Interpretation

The employment award system has undergone considerable changes in recent years and as such can be a difficult landscape for organisations to navigate. Archer can provide a wide range of services to assist in navigating the modern award system, including:

  • Assisting your organisation meet its legal obligations under the relevant modern award
  • Identifying the appropriate modern award/s that apply in your workplace
  • Ascertaining the correct minimum wages, loadings and penalties in light of the transitional provisions contained in the relevant modern award
  • Identifying where specific roles in your organisation fit within the modern award classification structure
  • Understanding how a particular term of the modern award should be applied in practice
  • Understanding the relationship between the relevant modern award and the National Employment Standard (NES)
  • Keeping you informed about changes to modern awards
  • Providing representation on award issues, including underpayment of wages


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Enterprise Agreement Development

Seamless transition for entrance and exit of workplace EBAs is everyone’s goal, but a challenge for most small to medium organisations. One of the biggest difficulties often stems from lack of in-house resources or experience. At Archer Solutions we come to you with highly relevant industrial relations experience. We work with industry leaders in employment and IR law to provide services to our clients that include providing advice on appropriate coverage, designing, developing and lodging agreements, assistance with negotiating and good faith bargaining as well as representation before the Fair Work Commission for certification.

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HR Administration & Support

Having business resources diverted to managing day-to-day HR administration, onboarding new employees, recruiting and paying employees takes away resources which could better directed to providing valuable services to your clients. With our back-of-house HR administrative service, you’re able to minimise the time your business spends managing employees, all while staying compliant with Australian employment laws.

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Novated Car Leasing

A Novated lease is a three-way agreement between the contractor, a vehicle fleet company and Archer Solutions. By entering into a Novated Lease a candidate can transfer the obligations of the lease to Archer.  Archer makes the lease payments and collects this money back through the contractor sacrificing their salary. As a contractor there are significant savings to be had on packaging a car into your gross salary, as all costs associated with financing and running of the vehicle will be paid out of pre-taxed dollars. Petrol, servicing, registration and insurance expenses are all included on a pre-tax basis, with GST also not applicable on the vehicle purchase. Some of the other benefits of a Novated Car Lease include:

  • The car doesn’t have to be used for work purposes.
  • You can Salary Package more than one vehicle, e.g. a vehicle for your partner.
  • You can select the term of the agreement, 1 – 5 years.
  • You can select the car you want.


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Skills & Corporate Training

Staff performance and behaviour is a key contributor to the success of any business. Archer Solutions are able to offer organisations a tailored approach to their training and development requirements. Our internal team are qualified to run training and assessment programs on behalf of organisations, either face-to-face or online. All our training meets SMART objectives and uses Accelerated Learning Techniques so you can be sure that not only will your employees be learning the information faster, they will be able to retain it better. Training is always designed to meet your organisational goals.

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Superannuation Clearing House

The Archer Super Clearing house eliminates the need to make multiple payments to various superannuation funds. Instead, Archer will act as an administrator on your behalf making regular pension, superannuation contributions and remittances on your behalf using the secure online facility that is backed by a ASIC approved Product Disclosure Statement. All the company needs to do is send one electronic lump sum amount and the system disseminates the money, and the contribution data to the nominated Superannuation Funds of candidates. This process adheres to the ATO’s Super Stream standards.

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