Refer a Contractor to Archer

$250 Contractor Referral Bonus

Love the Archer way? Tell a friend.

Archer Solutions work with only the best candidates and contractors. Rather than advertise for the unknown, we prefer to receive referrals from our existing candidates, contractors and or employees.

Refer a friend, family member or associate to Archer Solutions, and if they are successfully placed in a role with either our organisation or one of our clients we will thank you with an amazing $250.00 Eftpos gift card.

It’s a simple process. Email Archer Solutions their contact details, make mention of your association and we will take care of the rest. If successfully placed for more than three months with Archer Solutions, we will then contact you and send you out a $250.00 Eftpos card. Cards can be used anywhere Eftpos is accepted, they have no associated fees and a long expiry date. There is no limit to the amount of people you refer.

Terms and Conditions of $250.00 Contractor Referral Bonus

  • The referred candidate has not already been referred to or is not currently engaged by Archer Solutions.
  • The referred candidate has not received any Archer Solutions offers of engagement.
  • You have their consent to refer them.
  • The bonus is paid out once the candidate has completed 3 months of continued engagement.

Refer a Company to Archer

$2500 Company Referral Bonus

Refer our services to another business / make a direct introduction to new business, and receive either a $2500.00 deposit into your nominated bank account or if you’re an existing client of Archer Solutions, a $2500.00 credit towards our services.

It’s a simple process, all you have to do is send us an email outlining the potential lead, provide the leads contact details, and if Archer Solutions is engaged by that new client, you will receive a $2500.00 finders fee. There is no limit to the amount of companies / businesses you can refer.

Terms and Conditions of $2500.00 Company Referral Bonus

  • The referred company has not already been referred to Archer Solutions.
  • Archer Solutions doesn’t currently provide services to the referred company.
  • The referred company or its founders, have not previously been in contact with Archer Solutions.
  • You have the companies consent to refer them and a pre-existing relationship with the person in charge of engaging service providers.
  • The company must engage a minimum of five (5) contractors through Archer Solutions.
  • The $2500.00 is paid out once the company has completed twelve (12) months of continued engagement with Archer Solutions under a Service Level Agreement.