What We Do

Archer Solutions is not a security company. Archer Solutions is not looking for direct security contracts with venues and therefore is NO threat to your security company. Archer Solutions is a workforce management company that provides a suite of services to assist security companies manage security workforces in compliance with all Commonwealth workplace laws.

Archer Solutions offers a range of services that allow security companies to improve efficiencies and get back to their core business functions including traditional labour hire, specialised payroll / HR services, recruitment and even invoicing.

Why, you may ask, the interest Archer Solutions has with the security industry?

Today the security industry is omnipresent in everyday life and is in a state of rapid growth and dramatic transformation. Large security companies are downsizing their workforces to achieve lower costs and greater flexibility, giving rise to a rapid proliferation of temporary staffing providers, with some agencies providing guards for as little as $18.00 per hour (well and truly below the legal minimum rates of pay).

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has partnered with The Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) to create and maintain fair workplaces and a level playing field for businesses within the security industry. The partnership has approached this undertaking by signing a three-year Memorandum of Understanding.

Put simply, the FWO has the security industry in its sights and is determined to stamp out misclassification, importantly the underpayment of wages which has been rife throughout the industry for many years.

With the FWO now claiming ‘accessorial liability’ against parent companies and host employers that engage subcontractors in breach of workplace compliance laws, no longer can a security company claim it didn’t realise ‘subbies’ were trading illegally and under paying guards.

With pressing industry reform, security companies are in desperate need of professional assistance with their non-core business functions, especially something as complex as workforce management… a field Archer Solutions specialise in!

Archer Solutions provides a nationwide service via the following Security Master / Firm Licenses (all manpower and at the highest tier available):

ACT – 17502295

NSW – 000101251

VIC – 88112530S

QLD – 3729205

SA –ISL267751

WA – SA48469

Tasmania and Northern Territory – Coming Soon


Labour Hire

It’s talent, best practice and stability that ultimately determine the success of a security company. Archer Solutions provides access to qualified, experienced and professional guards that are paid in-line with statutory requirements now!


Payroll & Invoicing

Archer Solutions provides your security company with a specialist payroll service, offering expert advice around the Security Services Industry Award. Furthermore, you gain access to an online timesheet and invoicing platform to streamline your whole back office, allowing you time to get back to security!


Recruitment & HR

From targeted job advertisement, screening and shortlisting of candidates to handling the engagement process andongoing workforce management of your security guards, Archer Solutions handles the whole kit and caboodle with its suite of agile recruitment and HR solutions.

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