Archer’s Labour Hire Model

As security companies continue to grow and struggle to meet the ad-hoc manpower demands of their clients, a growing percentage of their workforce is now made up of contingent labour – temps, independent contractors (very risky) and labour hire.

The security industry has changed over recent years – from new business requirements and technologies to compliance with additional regulations. However one thing that hasn’t changed is how crucial it is for a security company to have access to a quality contingent workforce, their operational lynchpin.

Notwithstanding increasing regulatory pressure, the security industry is made up of a significant number of companies that continue to supply labour to other security companies that are in breach of workplace relations laws (with price rather than compliance being their focus).

Archer Solutions focus is on compliance and future growth rather than a quick buck. On the back of this philosophy, Archer Solutions has spent a tremendous amount of time, money and energy to establish a workforce of skilled security specialists, which your security company now has access to.

Service Offering

Deliverables your security company receives when engaging the Archer SolutionsLABOUR HIRE model include:

Qualified & exceptional security officers

Access to qualified and exceptional security officers that have had their ‘Right to Work’ in Australia verified, security accreditations checked and have been inducted with company policies and WHS principles.

Employed by Archer Solutions

Security officers that work for you, but are employed by Archer Solutions, taking full employer responsibility (no more payroll and HR, no super or payroll tax calculations or WorkCover claims).

Fixed Fee

A fixed fee that includes all insurances, taxes, statutory charges and other fees.

Managed recruitment process

A complete managed recruitment process, that has as much or as a little consultation with your security company as desired.

Payroll & administration

Outsourced payroll and administration of our security officers.

A dedicated client manager

A dedicated Australian based client manager that can be contacted directly by email or telephone from your security company to offer unlimited advice or action on any queries within the scope of the services provided under this model.

How It Works

As a labour hire company, Archer Solutions assumes the role of the employer. Archer Solutions finds the workers, shortlists and screens them and sends them directly to you to be managed in-line with your particular security requirements.


The Benefits

  • Value – all the administrative tasks, payroll and associated elements of being the direct employer are managed by Archer Solutions. This streamlines the entire process, saving your security company a great deal of time, effort and money.
  • No more missed opportunities – you can tender for security contracts with significant private organisations and government departments with confidence that sub contracted labour are paid in-line with regulatory standards.

  • Less risk –your risk of exposure to breaches of workplace regulations is minimised.
  • Specialised – Archer Solutions is a security industry specialist, not your traditional labour hire company.
  • Efficiency – Archer Solutions has grown a large database of qualified security officers who have undergone assessment and screening prior to being nominated for a position.

  • Great flexibility – Whether you are a small or large security company, partnering with Archer Solutions allows you the flexibility to plan for any type of workforce you need and virtually grow overnight.
  • No commitment – You can increase and decrease your workforce as needed.


What is labour hire?
The use of alternative workforces by businesses, where a supplier (Archer Solutions) provides short or long term labour to a principal host (your security company).

Are you a security company?
No, Archer Solutions is a workforce management company, fully licensed with no direct security contracts with clubs, pubs, venues etc.

How much will each security officer cost per hour?
Quotes are individually prepared according to the client’s work location, type of security work required and the quantity of hours needed.

Who is responsible for Workers Compensation?
Archer Solutions takes employer responsibility for Workers Compensation Insurance and this is inclusive in all rates.

What support can I expect?
The Archer Solutions team includes some off the most tenured professional in workforce management and employment. Staff members possess backgrounds in a wide range of recruitment, payroll, human resource, legal and technology areas. Your security company will be assigned a dedicated Australian based client manager that can be contacted directly by email or telephone from your security company. Unlimited advice or action is offered on any queries within the scope of the services provided under your service level agreement.

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