Additional services Archer Solutions can provide to your security company

Managing a security company and its associated workforce is so much more than recruiting or outsourcing compliant labour, paying that labour in-line with regulatory standards and managing security officers HR requirements appropriately.

By partnering with Archer Solutions your security company can access a range of additional outsourced services that will solidify your company position as a professional operator within a highly competitive industry.

Credit & Factoring


Security companies have always found paying their workforce on a weekly basis a difficult task to manage. Some clients can take weeks if not months to pay invoices, yet your security officers will question if their wages are even an hour late!

In an industry where keeping your employees / security officers happy is critical to the success of your business this can pose a major concern. Archer Solutions has developed a short term workforce financing solution to overcome this issue and provide a competitive edge for your company to excel in a very competitive industry.

If you want to get back to managing your security business and focusing on keeping your clients happy rather than worrying about cash flow and chasing accounts, contact an Archer Solutions consultant today and discuss your options.


Inductions / Onboarding and Work Health and Safety Training


The principles of work health and safety are enshrined in legislation within each Australian State and Territory. Security companies have substantial duties under these laws to ensure the safety of security officers in their workplace. Substantial fines can be imposed for inadequate attention to workplace safety. Governments have shown that they are willing to see these laws enforced. These requirements mean security companies not only need to provide appropriate training and work instructions to their security officers. This must be provided in a consistent and timely manner, validating that the training has been done correctly and including an audit trail.

Archer Solutions recognises the complexity of this fundamental compliance management element and has partnered with internal Work Health and Safety accredited consultants and legal specialists to supply a security course of practical job and security industry-related work health and safety training modules.

Security officers can be guided to complete specific security work health and safety training and EEO induction training, delivering relevance and minimising the risk of work related injury.

There is a further opportunity to personalise the program to your security company’s specific needs by uploading and delivering custom content. This provides an end-to-end induction training program to meet your employee induction requirements. Request a demonstration today.


Rostering / Time & Attendance


Archer Solutions will host, set-up and maintain a leading industry tool to assist with your security company’s roster/ time and attendance requirements. This solution seamlessly links to payroll software and allows organisations to easily manage rostering of security officers.

Under the Archer Solutions model guards can submit their availability which is neatly summarised by the program. Once received management can then view the availability of all employees and allocate staff accordingly. Upon publishing rosters, SMS and news feed features ensure that security officers are easily contacted, reducing costly miscommunication. Rosters can be compared in real time and costed against awards / agreed rates of pay thus accurately demonstrating the full cost of a roster, alleviating budget blowouts.

Request a demonstration today.


Enterprise Agreement Development


Seamless transition for entrance and exit of workplace EBAs is everyone’s goal, but remains a challenge for most small to medium organisations. One of the biggest difficulties often stems from lack of in-house resources or experience.

At Archer Solutions, consultants come to you with highly relevant security industry industrial relations experience. These professionals work with industry leaders in employment and IR law to provide services to clients that include providing advice on appropriate coverage, designing, developing and lodging enterprise agreements, assistance with negotiating and good faith bargaining as well as representation before the Fair Work Commission for certification.


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