Archer’s Payroll & Invoicing Model

This service offering presents a compelling value proposition for security companies, as Archer Solutions can streamline your back office. Taking care of your time capture, payroll, superannuation, Australian Tax obligations, employment instrument interpretation, invoicing and compliance are just some of the services offered.

Archer Solutions holistically analyse your security company’s payroll and invoicing requirements by considering your workforce size, current level of technology and communication procedures. The company then designs a solution specific to your requirements that allows management of your payroll & invoice functions in an outsourced capacity.

The result is increased efficiencies, accuracy and reporting standards and while decreased overall costs and risk associated with maintaining these functions in-house.

Service Offering

Deliverables your security company receives when engaging the Archer SolutionsPAYROLL & INVOICING model include:

Streamlined timesheets

Streamlined timesheet to invoice creation through an online portal (the process – Your security officers can log their hours remotely, with completed timesheets automatically sent via email to your client / management for approval. Upon being authorised, timesheets used to create invoices with charge rates applied and invoices then delivered to your client on your behalf).


Configuration of your security company data base in applicable payroll & invoicing software.

Payroll processing

Ongoing payroll processing in-line with your applicable EBA or Security Services Award, including overtime, bonuses,allowances, termination calculations etc.


Pay period reporting to your management team allowing for better business planning. Generate and send bank file/funds requests and applicable notes to your security company for final approval.


Payslip generation and distribution to your security officers.


Superannuation processing in accordance with the ATO’s SuperStream standards.

EOFY payroll processing

Risk management

Risk management by ensuring your security company is kept up-to-date with ever changing legislation and regulations.

Dedicated client manager

A dedicated Australian based client manager that can be contacted directly by email or telephone from your security company to offer unlimited advice or action on any queries within the scope of the services provided under this model.

How It Works

Archer Solutions use a convenient online (Cloud) based portal that has simplified the time consuming task of manual timesheet processing and invoicing. There’s no expensive infrastructure, installation, setup or maintenance costs. Your security officers can use the portal to submit their timesheets online (from any internet connected device), with their timesheets sent to respective line mangers within organisations for approval (either your security company management or if desired, managers at your client), before re-entering the system for payroll processing. On the back of this feature ArcherSolutions has a further billing capacity allowing for the quick raising and distribution of sales invoices to your clients atpre-determined charge rates.


The Benefits

  • Save on staffing costs – having to maintain an in-house payroll personnel / accounts departments is a money burner in any security company.
  • No more missed opportunities – this model allows you to tender for security contracts with significant private organisations and government departments with confidence that your security company is paying employees in-line with regulatory standards.
  • Improve your cash flow – streamlined process will have you accurately invoicing your security company clients regularly.

  • Save on hidden costs – software maintenance, support and yearly staff training can run into the thousands.
  • Increased productivity – payroll and invoice management is a time consuming activity
  • Remaining compliant – by providing powerful software and an efficient processing model, Archer Solutions will minimise your security company’s risk.
  • Reliability – Archer Solutions software virtually eliminates errors due to transcriptions and calculations. No need to touch a sheet of paper or make a single calculation.

  • Speed – as a security industry specialist with vast resources at its disposal, Archer Solutions can process even the most complex of payrolls and manage significant billing assignments.
  • Report quality – Archer Solutions utilises very powerful software that captures employee’s start and finish times remotely (on-line). This enables for very accurate and intricate report generation.
  • Peace of mind – there’s a lot to be said for the peace of mind. Outsourcing the payroll & invoicing services can minimise headaches or hassles, leaving you to focus on running a profitable security company.


What support can I expect?

The Archer Solutions team includes some off the most tenured professional in workforce management and employment. Staff members possess backgrounds in a wide range of recruitment, payroll, human resource, legal and technology areas. Your security company will be assigned a dedicated Australian based client manager that can be contacted directly by email or telephone from your security company. Unlimited advice or action is offered on any queries within the scope of the services provided under your service level agreement.

Are you a security company?

No, Archer Solutions is a workforce management company, fully licensed with no direct security contracts with clubs, pubs, venues etc.

Can you manage award pay rule interpretation?

One of the most difficult and time consuming parts of payroll is applying a set of complex pay conditions from relevant awards or enterprise agreements. Archer Solutions is a security industry specialist and knows the Security Service Award cover-to-cover!

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