Archer’s Recruitment & HR Model

No other recruitment or HR company can offer the depth of understanding and knowledge within the security industry.

With specific security-based knowledge, Archer Solutions is best qualified to ensure that each and every individual candidate interviewed and selected results in only the best staff being recommended for each and every available position your security company requires.

Archer Solutions aims to be your on-call HR support team, complementing your current HR structure by stepping in at any stage to assist in the management of your workforce and related tasks.

Archer Solutions provides a simple HR solution and related services to give a security company peace of mind that they are maintaining correct legislative data, and following correct processes to manage the onboarding, employment and existing of their staff.

Utilising well developed templates, contracts, policies and guidelines backed by a specialist law firm gives Archer Solutions employers and manager’s peace of mind that they are minimising the risk of industrial or workplace related incidents.

Some of the most tenured professionals in workforce management and employment, with backgrounds in a wide range of recruitment, payroll, human resources, legal and technology areas are utilised by Archer Solutions providing an unrivalled record of innovation and execution when it comes to the recruitment and ongoing HR management of security workforces.

Service Offering

Deliverables your security company receives when engaging the Archer Solutions RECRUITMENT & HR model include:

Employee management

Complete employee life-cycle management of your security officers.

Job descriptions

Job descriptions built and developed in-line with your security company requirements.


Specialised job advertisement development and assistance.

Professional screening

Professional screening of new security officers to ensure they meet your tailored job descriptions (fitness for work, experience, aptitude etc.).

Candidates & recommendations

Providing your security company with short listed candidates and recommendations of employment.

Phone interviews

Conducting phone interviews if required, or coordinating ‘in person’ interviews with your security company.


Supplying your security company with all documentation required in order to legally engage a security officer including, but not limited to, an employment handbook, letter of offer and employment contract etc. Documents designed in accordance with your security company organisational requirements.

Performance review templates

Supply security officer performance review templates that can be used by your security company.

Advice & support

Provide advice and support around security officer termination including supporting letters and documentation.

WHS & Hazard templates

Supply WHS and hazard templates that can be used by your security company.

Ongoing employee management & HR maintenance

Ongoing employee management and HR maintenance including amending job descriptions, contracts, company HR and WHS policies.

Risk management

Risk management by ensuring your security company is kept up-to-date with ever changing legislation and regulations.

Dedicated client management

A dedicated Australian based client manager that can be contacted directly by email or telephone from your security company to offer unlimited advice or action on any queries within the scope of the services provided under this model.

How It Works

Acting as your workforce management specialists Archer Solutions will manage all your security company recruitment and HR business functions. From receiving initial notification of roles that need to be filled our consultants will work with your management team to design a solution that will deliver results and the security officers your company needs. Archer Solutions consultants will then step your security company through the engagement process, ensuring that all regulatory standards are being met and act as your external HR consultant when various employment needs arise.


The Benefits

  • Time saved – in business time is money. Finding the right security officers to interview will take a great deal of time and effort. Outsourcing this responsibility to a company that has a reliable record of successful placements will save valuable time.
  • Compliance – Archer Solutions ensures that your security company will be compliant with all employment laws and Fair Work legislation. Employing someone is a very big deal, with a mountain of legislative requirements and ‘red tape’ that needs to be met. Best practice and statutory compliance are essential.

  • Professionalism – using proven HR and WHS policies, employment handbooks and contracts your security company will soon be an employer of choice.
  • Workforce satisfaction – Happy employees / security officers = happy clients!
  • Cost reduction – having to maintain an in-house recruitment and HR professional is a money burner in any security company.

  • Specialisation – are you sure the person responsible within your security company to manage your recruitment and HR requirements is adequately trained and experienced? Archer Solutions has a proven record.
  • Peace of mind – there’s a lot to be said for the peace of mind that outsourcing your recruitment and HR requirements can bring a security company owner. No headaches, no hassles, you’re left to focus on running a profitable security company.


What support can I expect?

The Archer Solutions team includes some off the most tenured professional in workforce management and employment. Staff members possess backgrounds in a wide range of recruitment, payroll, human resource, legal and technology areas. Your security company will be assigned a dedicated Australian based client manager that can be contacted directly by email or telephone from your security company. Unlimited advice or action is offered on any queries within the scope of the services provided under your service level agreement.

Are you a security company?

No, Archer Solutions is a workforce management company, fully licensed with no direct security contracts with clubs, pubs, venues etc.

Can you manage award pay rule interpretation?

One of the most difficult and time consuming parts of payroll is applying a set of complex pay conditions from relevant awards or enterprise agreements. Archer Solutions is a security industry specialist and knows the Security Service Award cover-to-cover!

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