The Contracting/Contingent Workforce Landscape in Australia

Employers in Australia have embraced the growing casualisation of the workforce, with greater than 30% of the Australian workforce now comprised of contingent workers (expected to reach 40%+ by 2020). Faced with budget constraints, shortfalls in headcount or the need to complete a specialist project, contractors can often appeal as a risk-averse hiring solution.

The specialist skills and flexible working times of contractors mean employers can respond more quickly to market changes, and reduce the obligations that come with permanent headcount such as annual leave payments and superannuation contributions. Many Australian professionals are also choosing to become contractors and entering arrangements that offer greater flexibility, work/life balance and higher rates of pay.

As the contingent workforce grows, so too does the need for the management of issues related to non-permanent workers. Organisations are recognising the need to look past the traditional definition of employee and develop strategies to effectively source, secure and manage the contingent workforce.

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