Our Recruitment Model

Do you remember when being in the recruitment industry meant you spent your days actually recruiting, rather than negotiating different taxation rules, salary packaging, payroll tax, employment legislation, Industrial Awards, Superannuation and Worker’s Compensation and all of those other time consuming non-core business functions?

Under the Archer Solutions recruitment model, we allow recruiters to be recruiters. We support agencies maximise their growth by outsourcing their contractor payroll and other back-office services to Archer. We compliment the recruitment function and specialise within the ‘Blue Collar’ market, where we successfully mitigate all engagement risks and regulations agencies face.

We can either provide complete end-to-end solutions or simply manage some elements of the contractor administration process, from cash flow and debtor management to legislation and insurances and everything in between, allowing agencies to manage their contingent workforce in a more effective and efficient way.

We do not perform any recruitment functions, so you can be assured that there is no conflict of interest or risk of redeployment of your talent. The best part? Because our model works seamlessly behind your business, it is your brand that grows, not Archers. Reduce your costs, mitigate risks and improve your service offering. Partner with the best. Partner with Archer Solutions.

Service Offering

Take advantage of Archer Solutions specialisation in ‘Blue Collar’ contractor management, and explore the plethora of business opportunities available in markets that were previously untapped.  We can assist your agency with:

  • Contractor Management and Onboarding – via online portals (which we can white label / brand on your behalf).  Our cloud based portals allow for the completion of all employment forms including contracts, banking, super and tax information as well as the thorough onboarding of contractors in industry specific training and WHS obligations.
  • Technology integration that includes cloud based time-sheeting and rostering capabilities.

  • Risk mitigation and insurance coverage – Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Workers’ Compensation
  • Statutory liability coverage – collection and remittance of Income Tax (where applicable) and Payroll Tax
  • Pre-employment / engagement checks
  • Streamlined contract generation via our contractor portal

  • End-to-end payroll processing including payroll funding if required
  • Greater agency  governance through diligent payroll and contractor reporting
  • Ability to manage the entire invoicing and receivables process if required
  • Professional development of contractors through training programs
  • Visa sponsorship and migration services

How It Works


The Benefits

  • We are ‘blue collar’ specialists, leverage into untapped markets.
  • We build your brand, not ours.
  • We won’t steal your talent, our integrity is paramount.
  • We reduce your agency admin overheads, our rates are the best in the industry and are scalable.
  • We complement your recruitment functions and allow you to eliminate time-consuming non-core administrative activities such as contractor setup, timesheet chasing, contractor payments etc.

  • We offer complete end-to-end solutions or are able to tailor our service offering to your requirements.
  • We mitigate your risk by including employment and insurance coverage.
  • We can provide payroll funding to protect your cash flow and to help grow your business.
  • We ensure contractors are paid on time, every time.

  • We always deliver what we promise.
  • We are 100% Australian owned and operated company, with all of our business functions and process completed within Australia.  You will have access to real ‘Australian-based’ industry experts whenever you require assistance.


What is the Archer Service Fee?
The Archer Solutions Service Fee is dependent on the services the agency requires. We can assure you that our prices are more than competitive and our service levels are superior to much of our competition.

What is the sign up process of contractors with Archer?
The first step is to introduce Archer to the contractor as early as possible in your dealings with them. We will then contact the candidate and arrange a consultation to determine the best way we can assist them personally. This process can be completed in as little a few hours.

Does Archer recruit contractors?
Absolutely not! We are not a Recruitment Agency. Your talent is in safe hands.

Can Archer provide payroll financing?
Yes, we offer finance options at very competitive rates allowing agencies to improve their cash flow and maximise their working capital.

When are the contractors paid?
Payment frequency is customised to suit the agencies requirements.  We are user friendly!

Whose timesheets are used?
Archer uses an online timesheet solution, which we can customise or ‘white label’ with your branding.

Who is responsible for payroll tax under the Archer model?
Payroll tax is the responsibility of the recruitment agency.

Under the Archer model who is responsible for the insurances of contractors?
Archer provides full comprehensive insurance cover for the agencies contractors.