So you’re now part of the contracting world, you’re a self-managed professional that enjoys independence and flexibility, allowing you to reach your professional career goals… Not always! Unfortunately the life of a contractor can be complicated by a labyrinth of regulatory requirements and government compliance. This accountability takes time and money, both extremely valuable resources. Enter Archer Solutions.

We optimise your earnings. We make you compliant. We have the best technology platforms available. We ensure you’re paid on time, every time and we have a tailored solution for all categories of contracting including “PAYG”, “Sole Trader” and “Pty Ltd Company” structures. We make contracting easy! Whether you are an Australian, permanent resident or a professional on a working holiday visa and you’re interested in contracting, we have a solution for your requirements. We allow you to increase your efficiencies and to focus on the delivery of your current contract by providing the framework to manage your tax, invoices, super, insurance and other mandatory regulatory compliances.

And the best part of our service? Our fees … We make our competitors look like thieves! What’s not to love about Archer?

Service Offering


Our suite of services allow you to enhance your earning potential and focus on the delivery of your current contract.  We offer contractors:


  • Online ‘cloud’ based contractor portal allowing for streamlined engagement, timesheet collection, expense claims, billing, payroll and reporting.
  • Legal compliance and engagement advice including appropriate structures.
  • Contract administration and management.

  • Workers Compensation coverage.
  • Personal insurance – Professional Indemnity, Public Liability insurances (Up to $20 million).
  • Superannuation and wealth management.
  • Salary sacrificing and packaging strategies including novated car leasing.

  • LAFHA & travel allowance management.
  • Visa sponsorship & migration consultation.
  • Contractor rewards program including referral bonuses.

How It Works


The Benefits

Partner with Archer Solutions because:

  • We increase your independence and flexibility by managing your non-core but essential business activities for you.
  • We simplify your work life, providing you access to our contractor portal.
  • We maximise your earnings, by offering salary packaging services.

  • We minimise your risk providing all necessary insurance coverage.
  • We navigate through the ever changing federal, state and local regulations and monitor important work related laws to ensure you’re always compliant.
  • We provide you peace of mind, as we pay on time, every time.

  • We are 100% Australian owned and operated company, with all our business functions and process completed within Australia.  You will have access to real ‘Australian-based’ industry experts whenever you require assistance.


What is the Archer Service Fee?
The Archer Solutions Service Fee is dependent on the services the contractor requires.  We can assure you that our prices are more than competitive and our service levels are superior to much of our competition.  The best part is our fee is 100% tax deductible as it is taken from your gross rate.

Why become a contractor?
A contractor’s independent work life is more flexible than that of an employee.  Being able to work in your own space allows some variable conditions to be in your control (i.e. possibly break hours, attire, and physical location).

Do I have to set-up my own company to be able to use the Archer model?
We offer a number of tax structures that do not require you to set-up a Pty Ltd Company, including PAYG, PAYG with Salary Packaging and Sole Trader. Under any of these structures, you will be deemed an employee of Archer, for tax purposes.  If you do wish to contract through your own Pty Ltd Company, we can help you with a range of services including Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance.

How often will I get paid under the Archer model?
Payment frequency is customised to suit the contractor’s requirements.  We are user friendly!

Is there any start up or exit costs involved with Archer?
Absolutely none at all! You only ever pay while you are contracting.

Is there a minimum time I have to engage Archer for?
There is no minimum period.  We have a no obligation opt in and opt out policy.

How do you pay me?
We pay via electronic banking (EFT) which means funds are transferred directly into your account. You will usually receive cleared funds either by midnight the day we process the transfer or by the following morning.

Am I covered?
Employers are making it compulsory for contractors to have workers compensation, public liability and sometimes even professional indemnity before they can begin any engagement. This can all add up to be an expensive requirement for a contractor.  Archer offers complete coverage for a fraction of the price a contractor would be able to source personally.

How do I submit my timesheets for processing?
Archer uses an online contractor portal to manage and streamline this process.  Traditional methods are also available for those with technology restrictions.

Archer & The Alienation of Personal Services (80/20 rule)?
We provide a business structure that is set up and managed in accordance with Australian legislation. If you are paid as an independent contractor with Archer using our PAYG and Salary Packaging structures you have the safety and security of the APSI legislation (sometimes called ‘80/20’rule) not being applicable to your situation.  If you choose to utilise Archer in combination with your own non-individual entity (such as Pty Ltd or trust), you will need to speak with us to ensure your arrangements are complaint with APSI legislation.

Archer & LAFHA?
Living Away from Home Allowance is an ATO allowance that is provided to employees as part of a salary package to compensate some of costs in maintaining two homes – one in your permanent place and the other the temporary place where you are working.  Basically, it enables a contractor to increase their take home pay – as a percentage of their wage becomes tax free. Whilst LAFHA offers many benefits to a contractor, it is a timely and complex process to facilitate. Archer’s experts are able to manage this process on behalf of their contractors.

Archer & Salary Packaging?
Archer Salary packaging solutions allow for contractors and employees to increase their net income (sometimes by as much as 30%) by implementing legal tax reduction strategies.

Can I use Archer if I receive a contract position through a recruitment agency?
Absolutely. Archer deals with recruitment agencies all the time.  In fact we have a full suite of services tailored for agencies. We can interact with them on your behalf, allowing you time to focus on your particular assignment.