Australia and International

All businesses face a continual struggle to manage the requirements of the modern contingent workforce. No matter what your current workplace scenario, Archer Solutions can build a flexible and tailored suite of offerings to relieve you of this administration and management burden.

We handle all your workforce and other back office related tasks, ensuring you meet the employment, human resources and work health and safety compliance related legislation. At every stage, we aim to reduce business running costs and employment risks, while increasing your engagement flexibility.

Employment Outsourcing

Professional Employer Organisation (PEO)
Did you know that the majority of ‘big business’ (the likes of FaceBook, ANZ and Optus) currently use an ‘Employment Outsourcing’ model to engage a PEO to effective manage their workforces and dramatically reduce unnecessary overheads.

Contractor Management

The specialist skills and flexible working times of contractors mean employers can respond more quickly to market changes, and reduce the obligations that come with engaging a permanent workforce such as annual leave payments and superannuation contributions.