Contractor Management

Are you interested in becoming one of the thousands of prominent organisations that have realised the benefits associated with engaging contingent workforces? The specialist skills and flexible working times of contractors mean employers can respond more quickly to market changes, and reduce the obligations that come with engaging a permanent workforce such as annual leave payments and superannuation contributions.

As the contingent workforce grows, so too does the need for the management of issues related to non-permanent workers. Organisations are recognising the need to look past the traditional definition of employee and develop strategies to effectively source, secure and manage the contingent workforce. Enter Archer Solutions.

Service Offering – Contractor Management


We make contractor management easy.  We facilitate the whole process.  The whole kit and caboodle.  The whole nine yards.  The whole shebang. Everything.  Our solutions are flexible and easily tailored to your organisational requirements. Our suite of services includes:


  • Contractor Management and Onboarding – via online portals (which we can white label / brand on your behalf).  Our cloud based portals allow for the completion of all employment forms including contracts, banking, super and tax information as well as the thorough onboarding of contractors in industry specific training and WHS obligations.
  • Risk mitigation and insurance coverage – Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Workers’ Compensation
  • Statutory liability coverage – collection and remittance of Income Tax (where applicable) and Payroll Tax
  • End-to-end payroll processing including payroll funding if required

  • Complete contractor invoicing services
  • PAYG and Pty Ltd solutions
  • Technology integration that includes cloud based time-sheeting and rostering capabilities.
  • Pre-engagement checks
  • Streamlined contract generation via our contractor portal
  • Greater governance through diligent payroll and contractor reporting
  • Professional development of contractors through training programs
  • Novated car leasing
  • Visa sponsorship and migration services

How It Works


Benefits – Contractor Management

  • We increase your flexibility, as you are able to engage your workforce based on your needs and requirements (short or long term).
  • We reduce your overheads, our rates are the best in the industry and are scalable.
  • We compliment your business functions and allow you to eliminate time-consuming non-core administrative activities such as contractor setup, timesheet chasing, contractor payments etc.

  • We offer complete end-to-end solutions or are able to tailor our service offering to your requirements.
  • We mitigate your risk by including employment and insurance coverage. This also alleviates you of any responsibility, liability or increase in your premiums if a claim is made.
  • We keep your engagement compliant, and monitor industry and government changes to laws and regulations that may affect your organisation.

  • We always deliver what we promise.
  • We are 100% Australian owned and operated company, with all our business functions and process completed within Australia.  You will have access to real ‘Australian-based’ industry experts whenever you require assistance.

FAQs – Contractor Management

What is the Archer Service Fee?
The Archer Solutions Service Fee is dependent on the services required.  We can assure you that our prices are more than competitive and our services levels superior to much of our competition.

How can Archer help reduce our on-costs?
Contractors you on-hire who use Archer are not required to be covered by your Workers’ Compensation, Public Liability or Professional Indemnity policies. This will reduce the cost of these policies, and in some cases, if you outsource your entire payroll to Archer you could eliminate these costs entirely for your contractor base.

When are the contractors paid?
Payment frequency is customised to suit an organisations requirements.  We are user friendly!

What structures can we set the contractors up on?
We will work with contractors to see what structure works best for them; we can manage contractors through PAYG, Sole Trader, Pty Ltd structures.

What reporting can Archer provide us?
Archer can provide a full range of reports as specified by you. Some examples of reports are:

  • Contractors by: cost centre/division/consultant/referral/client
  • Total contractor spend
  • Contract end date reports
  • Payroll tax liability
  • Commission reports